Timekeeping systemsTimekeeping systems

Timekeeping systems

The timekeeping device is where all the times are calculated and then sent through to downstream data connectors

Quantum Aquatics
ARES21 Aquatics

ATU-X Wireless

Start systemsStart systems

Start systems

The start system is a key component in most timekeeping systems. Our start systems can be used for most sports and even support wierless start transmission from starter to timekeeping system.

StartTime 4
e-Gun with StartTime 4



Our photocells for sport are compact and easy to use, with built in batteries and wireless transmitter, they are perfect accessories for all type of timekeeping.


Photo FinishPhoto Finish

Photo Finish

This photo finish camera system measures in thousands of seconds the times at the finish line. It is designed to accomodate a wide range of sports, including athletics, horse racing, greyhounds, rowing, cycling, or speed skating among others.

OMEGA Scan’O’Vision STAR
IC U Front camera system

High speed video system

Swimming touchpads and start blocksSwimming touchpads and start blocks

Swimming touchpads and start blocks

The Omega OSB 11 is a revolutionary development for the sport that will provide a faster start. Togheter with the well proven Omega OCP5 Touchpads, it’s the perfect solution for timing of the different aspects in a swimming race.

OCP5 Touchpads
OSB11 Starting block
OSB12 Starting plattform
OSB14 Starting block
Backstroke Start

Numerical displaysNumerical displays

Numerical displays

For spectators, the interest of a competition is greatly enhanced by the instant display of the results and ranking of the different athletes taking part in the race.

205 Series Scoreboards

Video displaysVideo displays

Video displays

Video displays