205 Series Scoreboards

Wireless Scoreboards for in- and outdoor use

The 205 Series scoreboards are available in two different models. One larger two line scoreboard with 18 digits and one smaller version with one line and 6 digits. Both scoreboards can be upgraded with a radio module to be controlled wirelessly or otherwise controlled via cable.  The scoreboards can also be equipped with a temperature sensor to display temperature.

The scoreboards are fully compatible with the ATU-X wireless timekeeping system.

Scoreboard 6 digits 205mm

Scoreboard 18 digits 205mm


Product Sheet



18 digits
6 digits
Dimensions 1760 x 600 x 90 mm 1010 x 315 x 100 mm
Weight 18 kg 7 kg
Power Consumption (max) 150 W 100 W
Digit Height 205 mm 205 mm
Viewing distance 100 m 100m
Data transmission RS422 RS422