Ares 21 Timingkeeping Unit

Already installed in hundreds of swimming pools worldwide,

the Ares 21 is the reference in aquatic sports timing

Ares 21 Timekeeping system

Ares is certainly the most powerful and flexible aquatics timing device. Ares-SW has been specifically configured to meet the requirements of aquatics disciplines, comprising swimming, synchronised swimming, diving, synchronised diving and water polo. With the operational sports software installed in the laptop, rule changes can be rapidly accommodated and customer systems updated.

The Ares 21 is an intelligent input/output interface with an onboard buffer memory. Timing data is recorded for each input port and identified with a unique alphanumeric code. Data from the Ares interface is transmitted
to the associated computer via a standard serial line. All data processing then takes place in the computer. The quantity of data stored (i.e. number of races or competitions) is only limited by the size of the hard drive, enabling results from previous races to be recalled for examination on the computer screen, for retransmission to the scoreboard or re-printed. The Ares concept is protected by a number of International Patents and the Ares interface is fully CE compliant.


Although very powerful Ares 21 is easy to use thanks to both the extensive «on board» help file and the full colour control screen with an interactive graphical representation of the key functions. As such Ares 21 is suitable for use at all levels of competition, from school events right up to the World Championships and Olympic Games, where the power and versatility of the system have already been proven. In addition, full FINA compliance is guaranteed.

Power supply External battery 10.8-14.4 V
Working temperature 0°C to 45°C
Power consumption Ares interface 400mA, Swim harness 200mA/harness
Timing system Capacity 23:59:59.99, repetitive
Resolution 1, 1/10, 1/100, 1/1000th sec
Relative humidity With no condensation 20%- 80%
Time base Frequency: 16 MHz, Stability (0°C- 45°C) : ± 1 ppm, Ageing renewable: ± 5 ppm
Dimensions 410 x 285 x 80 mm
Weight 2.8 kg