Backstroke Start

Backstroke Start

The Backstroke Start is the ideal complement to the starting blocks OSB11 and OSB14 for the backstroke swimming.
It received FINA’s approval during its July 2013 General Congress in Barcelona and it will be officially used for competitions from January 1st, 2014.

The Backstroke Start improves the start push and trajectory of the swimmer when entering the water. The grip mechanism of the backstroke is covered with an anti-skid surface which avoid slipping when entering the water.

Using this device, the angle between the legs and the water surface during the final push off the wall is greater. As a result, the swimmer’s feet travel the path during the start phase of flight with less contact with the water.

Simply/easily mounted: It can be used during the entrance in the water and once the race has begun it will be removed by an official not to bother the swimmers during the competition.

Help psychologically the backstroke swimmer: This new device reassures them at the entrance in the water that they did-n’t have before. This takes away pressure before starting the competition thanks to the anti-skid surface that covers the grip mechanism of grasp. It allows a better grasp to the backstroke swimmer when entering the water.

Adjustable according to the swimmer’s size: The aptitude to regulate the length of the Backstroke Start is an advantage to bear in mind, since not all backstroke swimmers have the same size.

Better power and force when entering the water: Thanks to the Backstroke Start, the swimmers gain in power and force when entering the water. Through the training with this device, the swimmers can win insurance and get best performances.

The most important advantage is that, according to tests made, the swimmers gain approximately 3 to 5 milliseconds when entering the water using the new Backstroke Start.