IC U Front Camera

IC U Front Camera system is a user friendly solution to connect a camera to your OSV Star photofinish camera.

A front camera helps the operator to decide who run on which course and speeds up the judgement process of the race.
The camera is easily connected through a network cable and placed in front of the finish line.
This gives the operator another view of the finish line being able to see the participants in full image from the front.

Through a easy folder system in the software it is possible to look the old race even though you are still recording.
Perfect for the longer races or marathons or competitions with a tight time schedule.

Since the camera uses power over Ethernet there are litter no additional cables needed other than the Cat cable going to the camera from the operator which makes it extremely quick and easy to setup.
When the operator are ready to judge a race and move the timeline in the OSV Star software the front camera pictures automatically follows the timeline showing the front image.
This makes it easy always being able to read the IDs of each Athlete.

 Frontcamera system