Mistral wind gauge

Wind speed display and measurement gauge


MMistral Wind Gaugeistral is a self-contained device that provides accurate wind speed measurement and displays results on an extra large scoreboard. Full compliance with the requirements of the relevant sport regulations is offered at the highest level of competition.

The device consists of an ultrasonic wind sensor and a LED scoreboard with extended 25 cm digits for an outstanding viewing range of up to 120 metres. The LED brightness automatically adapts to the ambient light thanks to a sensor. In addition, the field of vision is optimized thanks to the 15° inclined display. Information to external devices such as Scan’O’Vision Bridge can be sent thanks to a RS422 serial output. An optional wireless Bluetooth serial adapter can be installed to connect the Mistral to other devices such as a Scan’O’Vision photo finish. The data acquisition is performed with a pushbutton included in the package. The duration of the measure is selectable using a switch placed behind the casing.

Compact and self-contained, the Mistral ultrasonic head offers consistent performance throughout its life with no loss of accuracy due to an absence of any moving parts. For easy positioning It is 360° adjustable and can be placed at a height of 1.22 metres above the ground in order to comply with the IAAF regulations for athletics competitions. Moreover, its robust construction allows fully maintenance free operation. This device works on 230 V main power as well as on an internal battery.

Thanks to these advanced features the Mistral provides accurate results in weather conditions. This is because they are made with the highest quality materials and all components are thoroughly tested before assembly.

This is the perfect answer everywhere you need wind speed measurements to be displayed.