Photocell P1-R

Wireless IR photocell

The P1-R Photocell is a reflex photocell for timekeeping with built in radio transceiver that offers great precision and timekeeping precision of up to 1/1000 of a second. Both photocell and reflector can easily be mounted on tripods and are suited for most sports, for example athletics, equestrian, ski-jump or skiing. The photocell is powered by internal batteries that last up to 24h. External power can also be supplied via the rear connector for fixed installations.  P1-R can be connected both via cable to an existing timekeeping system or communicate wirelessly with the ATU-X.

When P1-R is used together with the ATU-X it also automatically sends status information about battery level and alignment to the ATU-X which then can monitor all photocells on the track.

Several of P1-R can be used together with the ATU-X for example as start, splits and finish line.

P1-R is easy to use. Turn it on, align it with the reflector and it is up and running. Thanks to a wide angel of outgoing IR light it is easy to align. And it only has one button, the power button. Three color LEDs indicate when the beam is aligned and the photocell is working correctly. They can also warn when batteries are running low.


Photocell P1-R
Battery life
Working temperature
Range IR Beam
IR Type
Response (IR to output)
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