Piccolo Scoreboard

Indoor LED scoreboard for swimming competitions

For spectators, the interest of a competition is greatly enhanced by the instant display of the results and ranking of the different athletes taking part in the race. The public feel far more emotionally involved in an event if they know the results and distances separating the competitors at the same time as the officials.

The Piccolo has been designed in that spirit and meets this specific need; it is ideally positioned for all swimming pool operators who want to display the results of the 8 lanes but are looking for low initial and maintenance costs. Designed for indoor use, the Piccolo benefits from an LED (light emitting diodes) display technology which guarantees clear and precise visibility. The digits are 10 centimetres high, enabling them to be read at a distance of up to 50 metres. Solidly built, but light and easy to handle, it is suitable for all kinds of different situations; the unit can be installed as a result repeater in zones where spectators cannot see the main panel or in the warm-up rooms or restaurants of multisport facilities.

When it is connected to ARES, the PICCOLO provides a real-time display of the running time; the reaction times at start; all the intermediate times with the ranking; the final times and the list of results with the ranking. It can be  linked to the ATU-X or the Scan’O’Vision to display the results of indoor athletics events.