e-Gun with StartTime IV

Electronic start pistol

Swiss Timing e-Gun is a top level electronic starting gun for athletics. The e-Gun connects to the StartTime IV starting system and generates a starting sound like a normal start pistol. The StartTime IV can be connected to the speakers in the starting blocks, which allows every competitior to hear the start signal at the same time. e-Gun have a very bright flash att the top of the gun, and in the bottom of the gun the starter can connect a headset to give clear instructions to competitors before start.

The StartTime IV can also connect to arena PA system to distrobute the starting sound to audience and TV.

The system can also be connected to optional:

  • External Speakers
  • External Flash
  • Timekeeping systems (x2)
  • External PA equipment (XLR-connection)
  • Swiss Timing Headset System