Video Displays

Video board for sports and more

With a video board in a sport hall or arena, you get many opportunities to create exciting experiences for both active and the spectators. The videoboards is built upon LED-technology which gives a flexible display for presentation of game results, information about the arena and commercials from the sponsors.

Our video boards are of the highest quality and we are used to different environments and a lot of different sports.
All boards are off course CE-marked, EMC approved and tested. Something that a lot of producers tend to look the other way regarding. Together with our sport system Sport In The Box we can offer an unbeatable flexibility and functionallity.

Our video boards are module based, size and type are adapted after sport and your wishes and needs.
Something that we have come to be specialists in with our long experience are video boards suitable in hard climates, such as swimming and ice stadiums.
There we use a special type of board to withstand the harsh environment and still give maximum lifetime and possibilities.

Bellow a couple of standard modules and sizes will follow, we can deliver several other different type of modules and sizes. Each case is unique so please contact us for a more detailed offer adapted to your conditions and needs.


Module versions



Standard displays and sizes

P8 SMD 4,7 m²
P8 SMD 9,5 m²
P8 SMD 2,0 m²
Display size 3072 x 1596 mm 4096 x 2304 mm 2048 x 1024 mm
Service type Front service Rear Service
Pixel pitch 8 mm 8 mm 6,94 mm
Pixles 384×192 512×288 288×144
Weight ca 300 kg ca 400 kg 56 kg

A few of our previous installations and references

  • Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm, Swimming
  • AoD Arena, Bergen Norge, Swimming & Water polo
  • Eriksdalsbadet, Stockholm, Diving
  • Eriksdalshallen, Stockholm, Multi sport
  • Vilundabadet, Upplands-Väsby, Swimming
  • Kanaludden, Härnösand, Swimming
  • Sundbyholms Travbana, Eskilstuna, Trotting and Show jumping
  • Lindab Arena, Ängelholm, Ice-Hockey