We provide timekeeping services for many sports.  Depending on sport, we can deliver a customized timekeeping solution for your event, small or large. With wireless timekeeping systems and photofinish cameras we can accomodate most timekeeping situations. We also provide videowall solutions for results display, .

Two of our largest sports are swimming and athletics.

In swimming, we have for many years have been the preffered timekeeping partner of the Swedish swiming federation. In swimming we provide timekeeping and resulthandling service of all championship competitions on national level. With scoreboards and videowalls adapted to the level of the competition
Every year we operate a large number of swimming competions both small and large.

In athletics we provide on field videoscreen solutions for results display, photofinish timekeeping, RFID race timing, secretary service, result software help and much more.

Contact us and get a professional to your competition.