Antelope is the next generation result handling systems for athletics and RFID Timekeeping.

The main and add on software creates a complete solution is for your competition and simplifies everything from taking care of entries before competition to invoice preparations after the competitions and everything in between.

Our main focus during the development has been to create a software and system that is so easy and user friendly that it is possible to learn most basics in only a couple of minutes.
Together with the functionality to easy add on more computers working to the same database makes it ideal for both the small club competition to the international gala event.

Antelope also has built in support for our LiveTiming service for athletics where the result from your event can be displayed in a matter of seconds. Or why not build for the next level and make a nice online Stream with TV graphics to give even the ones at home the possibility to follow your competition!

The software is used on various competitions, some examples are:

  • Ångaloppet, Nyköping 2015
  • Malmö Games, Malmö 2015
  • Swedish Indoor championchip, Sätra 2015
  • Folksam GP Challange, Uppsala 2015
  • 4h Games, Norrtälje 2015
  • Ångaloppet, Nyköping 2014

Interested to learn more and se how Antelope can raise the bar on your competition?

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