Event Center

Software for the interactive scoreboard

Sport In The Box Eventcenter has been developed with the user in focus. It is a very easy to use and intuitive program that allows less experienced users to interest the supporters and create exiting matches.
Eventcenter is a program to display extended game information and advertising during matches.

Team line-up
With Eventcenter it’s quick and easy to create a team line-up. You can with each player select an image that can be displayed together with player name and team logotype on the video board during player presentations. This gives the supporters a fast way of getting to know the players.

In Eventcenter it is easy to add pictures, animations, and video that you wish to display, this could be club information such as pictures from previous games, or advertising to create income to the club. With one simple click the picture or video is directly displayed on the video board.

Tables & Texts
With this feature you can display results from other parallel matches or display easier text messages on the video board.

Video camera
Eventcenter can usa a video source such as a video camera to display live images, replays or crowd images. This video source feature can also be used for connecting a DVD player for example.

Included with Eventcenter you get a number of animations to show during specific game events, such as goal, time-out or penalties. Except these included animations you can add a free number of your own animations, which you can quickly display on the video board.

Extended Scoreboard
With Eventcenter you can use your video board as a scoreboard with enhanced information, automatically connected to the regular scoreboard. With this feature you can display team names, team logotype and names of players under penalty.


Product Sheet