Solutions for athletics timekeeping and results

With Swiss Timings precens in different events for athletics from club level up to the olympic games, we have a complete product package for a modern athletics arena.

We can help with consulting services in the planning process of your new arena, with our experience we can help you with camera placement and cabling preparation. It’s much mor inexpensive to prepare for these things in the plannig proccess than after everything is installed.

From our experience, no installation is the same, therefore we always customize the solutions to perfectly fit your needs and budget.

To get something to start with, you can select one of the following solutions and just add the or remove the products you need to make it customized for you.

Professional athletics solution

If a new arena is being constructed, we recommend to have a look at our solution for fixed installation. You will save much time and money if everything is prepared during construction.

In the instructions you’ll find everything that the construction firm need to think about for cable ducts and connection boxes placed in the timekeeping room and in the field.

Wireless track solution

For a current arena or when a fixed installation is not possible, the wireless solutions is a perfect choice. The equipment is easy to bring out and connect for the competition.

Running Time System

ATU-X is a athletics system to display runningtime and for training. When the ATU-X is used as a runningtime system it recives the start signal from the normal start system and then controls runningtime scoreboards.

Track Training System

TrackTimer is a self going system for running training. The athletes and coaches get help from the system with automatic countdown and start, and presenting the results. TrackTimer includes a customer specified number of photocells that are wirelessly connected to the timekeeping system, that are positioned at any place at the track.