Running Time System

Wireless timekeeping system for athletics

ATU-X is a athletics system to display runningtime and for training. When the ATU-X is used as a runningtime system it recives the start signal from the normal start system and then controls runningtime scoreboards. With the help of a wireless photocell positioned at the finish line, the ATU-X can displays a preliminary finish time instantly after the athlete crosses the line. Before the official time has been processed and made available from the photo finish camera.

With the help of radio modules developed for industry the ATU-X is a safe wireless timekeeping system with wireless photocells and several different models of wireless scoreboards and even wireless start! This makes the ATU-X a mobile and powerful but yet still user friendly system.

A large graphical display makes ATU-X easy to setup and with clear and intuitive colors it gives the operator easy access to the system status. Different colors are used to indicate if the system is armed and ready for start or not.
Using a simple handheld control panel the operator accesses the most basic and common functions, like: reset, manual time, start and arming/disarming.

When the system is used for training, the ATU-X with wireless photocells and scoreboards are easy to bring out and setup. No long cables are required. The coach and the athlete can in an easy way measure lap times and speeds.
The ATU-X can run timekeeping on up to 10 lanes and be used as a backup system beside a photo finish camera on large competitions or it could be used as a main timekeeping system for small competitions.


System includes




  • Upgrade to a 2-row scoreboard that can continue to show a live running time after the first runner have finished the race.
  • Upgrade to wireless scoreboard. Enables the ATU-X to wirelessly contol IC Control scoreboards. An unlimited amount of scoreboards can be freely places over the whole track.
  • Extra scoreboard, for example to display the running time on all sides of the track. An unlimited amount of scoreboards can be connected, both wireless or with cable.
  • Extra P1-R wireless photocell, for example to add an intermediate time. One system can use up to 15 photocells.
  • Wireless start, a module that can be connected to the existing starting gun.