Track Training System

TrackTimer Athlete Training


IC Control TrackTimer is a self going system for running training. The athletes and coaches get help from the system with automatic countdown and start, and presenting the results. TrackTimer includes a customer specified number of photocells that are wirelessly connected to the timekeeping system, that are positioned at any place at the track.

The runner’s results, time, split time and speed are shown at the touch computer or optional also at the outdoor scoreboard. TrackTimer is controlled from a touch screen computer where all distances are inputted and then used to calculate the correct split times and speeds.

The coach here starts the system and then a countdown begins, announced in the speaker and at the optional scoreboard. When 10s remains to the start, the start sequence is initialized with a simulated gun at the end. By request, the system will auto restart as the runner reaches the finish line and begin the countdown again.