Solutions for Equestrian

We can offer complete system packages for both horse racing and show jumping, with scoreboards, software, timekeeping systems and cameras.

We can also help with consulting services in the planning process of your new arena, with correct camera placement and cabling layouts. This will save both time and money compared solving the timekeeping system after the arena is finished. From our experience, no installation is the same, therefore we always customize the solutions to perfectly fit your needs and budget.

To get something to start with, you can select one of the following solutions and just add the or remove the products you need to make it customized for you.

Racing solution

Our range of products for horse racing consist of photo finish cameras which is connected to the tracks current starting system. Our mobile starting device can also be used. For separate track timing, our ATU-X is used together with our wireless photocells P1-R

Jumping solution

Our new wireless timekeeping system for equestrian concists of the timekeeping unit ATU-X and the new wireless photocell P1-R. Combined they procude a simple but powerful timekeeping system developed for our parnter Equipe and their software for administrative system in equestrian competitions.