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ATU-X Wireless timekeeping system for Equestrian



Our new wireless timekeeping system for equestrian concists of the timekeeping unit ATU-X and the new wireless photocell P1-R. Combined they procude a simple but powerful timekeeping system developed for our parnter Equipe and their software for administrative system in equestrian competitions. During the competitions, ATU-X is connected with an USB-connection to the competition computer and is then fully controlled from the software.


ATU-X has a built-in battery which is automatically charged when the system is connected to a computer. The colour display makes it easy for the operator to supervise the system.

ATU-X and the photocell P1-R is developed to be used together, which gives that the photocells out on the track can be monitored directly from ATU-X. The system automatically monitors battery and signallevels from the photocells for highest security and control.

Each photocell is an independent unit with over 24 hours of battery time. They are simple to align to the reflector and thanks to the two-way communication with the ATU-X, it’s easy to see that the signals are sent through to the ATU-X.

The ATU-X can also be upgraded for wireless connection to numerical scoreboards.

System includes


ATU-X WirelessTimekeeping device

P1R Photocell with reflector

Scoreboard 18 digits 205mm


ATU-X Transportation case

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ATU-X and P1-R are approved by FEI

FEI Certificate