Solutions for swimming timekeeping

Our swimming products ranges from the highest level Olympic systems with high speed video backup to timekeeping systems for smaller club competition with only a semi automatic system and a scoreboard.

From our experience, no installation is the same, therefore we always customize the solutions to perfectly fit your needs and budget.

To get something to start with, you can select one of the following solutions and just add the or remove the products you need to make it customized for you.

Fixed installation

If a new pool is being constructed, we recommend to have a look at our solution for fixed installation. You will save both time and money if everything is prepared during construction.

In the instructions you’ll find everything that the construction firm need to think about for cable ducts and connection boxes placed in the timekeeping room and in the basement.

Mobile solution

For an old pool or when a fixed installation is not possible, the mobile solutions is a perfect choice. The equipment is easy to bring out and connect in preperation for the competition and everything is removed after use which saves many hours of wear and tear.

This is also a good choice if the equipment is going to be shared between different pools.

Semi-automatic solution

When you don’t need a complete equipment with touchpads is our semi aoutomatic solution a easyer option for smaller competitions. Through a cabeling and only one button for each lane you dont need to use any manual hand watches for smaller competitions.

The system is easily connected through USB to Wingrodan or any other ATU-X supporting result handling software and the software then automatically get the times and eliminates all manual typing to get times into your system.

All our numerical scoreboards can easily be connected to the system to raise the experience for the visitors.

High Speed Video System

To completely comply with the FINA-rules about automatic timing, 3 backup pushbuttons are needed per swimming lane and each operated by it’s own official. If this is not an option due to the amount of officials needed, our High Speed Video System is the perfect choice for you.

High Speed cameras are mounted above the finish line and records images in 100 fps. The operator can after each race easily scroll to the moment of the swimmer touching the wall and readout the time.

Water slide timekeeping

Our timekeeping system for water slides is a easy to install and affordeble timekeeping solution built on IP classed photocells and smart display.