Fixed installation

If a new pool is being constructed, we recommend to have a look at our solution for fixed installation. You will save much time and money if everything is prepared during construction. In the instructions you’ll find everything that the construction firm need to think about for cable ducts and connection boxes placed in the timekeeping room and in the basement.

For a fixed installation we recommend the following solution

  • Swiss Timing Quantum with aquatics interface (2 pcs)
  • Swiss Timing Quantum double power supply
  • Quantum online printer with integrated battery (2 pcs)
  • Quantum compatible laptop (2 pcs)
  • SCB/Wingrodan cable
  • USB-RS422 adapter (for wingrodan)
  • StartTime4 with microphone
  • 10m extention cable Tu4pF to Tu4pM (3 pcs)
  • SCB Piccolo 8 lines

For 25m pool add one set of the following products, for a 50m pool add two sets: