Semi-automatic solution

Entry level timekeeping system for swimming

The ATU-X timekeeping system is a perfect entry level solution for smaller competitions. Offering a completely automatic timekeeping system fully compatible with Wingrodan result handling software.

The system is also a suitable as a backup system running beside a complete top level Ares timekeeping system.

The timekeeping system consists of five components, first the ATU-X timekeeping unit that contain the system clock and logic. With a large color backlit display it gives the operator easy feedback of timekeeping status. The ATU-X have an internal backup battery that ensures safe operation.  A control box and a backup printer are connected to the ATU-X.
The operator uses the three button control box to easily reset the system between races and the backup printer is constantly following each race printing all timekeeping information.

Finally the system is also connected to the pool deck cabling, that has nine input modules. One for each lane (1-8) and one for the start input. A pushbutton is connected to each lane input. The start input can either be connected to a pushbutton, or as an option to an acoustic start system.

The system can also be upgraded with the 8 row Piccolo numerical scoreboard. This scoreboard can be connected via cable or as an option with wireless connection to the ATU-X.

The system for usings it as a complement to ARES concists off

For a complete standalone solution add the following products



  • StartTime IV acoustic start system including microphone and charger. The StartTime IV is a complete acoustic start system with built in loadspeaker and flash. The ATU-X and StartTime is fully compatible and when the ATU-X is ready for a new race this is indicated with a green led on both StartTime and microphone.
  • Piccolo 8 line numerical scoreboard. The Piccolo scoreboards suits every competition. It displays rank, lane and time for each competitor. The scoreboard and ATU-X can also be upgraded with radio transceivers for wireless connection.
  • ATU-X watertight transport case.