Arenas and Sport Halls

Solutions Indoor arenas

Today there is a big interest in developping current sport halls to “multi-purpose” arenas, within one arena space be able to offer many different sports as well as entertainment, fairs and culture events for both athletes as the spectators.

The type of multipurpose arenas built today in many places will imply that many different sports will use the same arena space. We don’t only put focus at the timekeeping equipment and scoreboards but also at the information systems and video technology.

We have a focus to create simple and easy to use systems yet powerful enough to be able to produce the same results as in the big arenas.

Sport In The Box

The IC Control Sport In The Box concept offers a complete result system for most indoor sports. It includes a results system with a scoreboard and a video display for showing live video and commercials.


Videoscore is a system that connects the scoreboard control box, to your video wall and eliminates the need of an ordinary scoreboard to keep track of game results.