Sport In The Box™

Sport In The Box™ - Your partner for enhanced results information




The IC Control Sport In The Box™ concept offers a complete result system for most indoor sports.

  • User friendly
    Both the Saturn Control Box and the Event Center software are very easy to use, even allowing parents and other volunteers to create dynamic content like player presentations, for youth games.
  • Suites every arena
    Both Saturn scoreboards and video screen displays are available in different sizes which makes Sport In The box™ suiteable for everything from the small sports halls to the large arena.
  • For every sport
    Sport In The Box™ supports most indoor sports like: Basket, Handboll, Volleyboll, Land/Ice – hockey, Soccer and Tennis.


Sport In The Box

The package includes both scoreboard and video display, which bundled together with our Event Center software, forms a platform for enhanced match information. Giving both audience and players access to visual presentations of players, animated figures for match events such as goal, timeout or faults. Extended match information and in-game media like advertising and commercials.

System includes

  • Videodisplay (Adapted to your arena size)
  •  Saturn 604 Scoreboard
  •  Saturn Control Box
  • Computer with Event Center