VideoScore – Result system for your video wall

Videoscore is a system that connects the scoreboard control box, to your video wall and eliminates the need of an ordinary scoreboard to keep track of game results.

The Videoscore computer connects directly to the video wall and can display customized results graphics on part of the screen.  The Videoscore computer is controlled from the Omega Saturn Control Box, which is easy to use with its graphical user interface and predefined rules for each sport.

The system can also be extended with other numerical slave scoreboards to display game clock in other areas of the arena, for example in locker rooms.

Videoscore is highly flexible and can be configured to suit the need of all types of arenas, both small and large.


System includes

  • Saturn Control Box
  • VideoScore computer with software
  • Horn


  • Video board (Adapted to your arena size)
  • Slave clock displays