Photofinish Camera

This photo finish camera system measures in thousands of seconds the times at the finish line. It is designed to accomodate a wide range of sports, including athletics, horse racing, greyhounds, rowing, cycling and speed skating competitions.

This camera takes up to 2000 shots per second at a high resolution of 2048 pixels vertical line, and the corresponding time is displayed on each picture. The high sensitivity of the sensors allows the STAR to work in poor light conditions. High quality images allow direct export to all print and electronic media. An optional internal battery offers one hour stand alone operation in case of power failure.

An integrated digital inclinometer helps positioning of the camera. The STAR 210 and 2010 include focus and iris remote control.

Thanks to an exclusive patent, a Spatial Alignment system for the 1010 and 2010 series allows the camera to be easily aligned on any finish line. STAR cameras are self-contained, including power supply, electronics, connections to the track (start, ready and finish) and computer connections through a standard Ethernet (1Gb) cable.With optional accessories, it is possible to connect the system to peripheral devices such as scoreboards and data handling computers, wind measurement and false start control devices.

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