Why IC Control Media & Sports?

The choise to select IC Control Media & Sport as your supplier or partner can be made based on several arguments:

  • Long experience
    With more than 30 years of everything from small club competitions to major events. Small arenas and simple systems to the biggest and most complex arenas and systems.
  • Best service and support
    With the help of all our staff our gatherd know how is un-beateble in the industry. We know what we do and can offer you top of the line service.
  • Quality
    Technology that are alined both to local and international demands, built to last.
  • Smart and simple solutions
    Our solutions are smart and simple adaped and customized to your needs.
  • Advanced
    Functionallity that gives the option for creative comunication both during events as in day to day useage.
  • Price-preformance
    With our wide know how from the world across several industries all with focus on sports and technology ensures  that we can deliver the optmial price-preformance solutions for your needs.

We are IC Control Media & Sport

IC Control Media & Sport with our resellers are market leading in the Nordic countries in sport technology, large arenas as well as smaller sport halls have chosen our solutions and products.

Do you need asistance? We can help you!

  • Free
  • Quick
  • Simple