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World Cup or training pool - Facilities trust us when it comes to quality and support.

For over 30 years, we have been supplying technology for swiming. We have solutions that are tailored to your specific needs, wheter you have an Olympic pool or a
4-lanes training facility.
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We have a full range of different timekeeping equipment for swimming, including everything from solutions for new olympic pools to smaller mobile systems for local club competitions.

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Are you considering investing in a new video wall or numerical scoreboard for your facility?


We have long experience of the special environment in swimming facilities and a complete range of products which are developed specifically to be used in these demanding conditions.

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We have made software solutions for swimming since the early 90s and our latest system is called WinGrodan 2. The system is developed by us who run the competitions and it is currently smarter and better than ever.


We offer several services and platforms that connect to WinGrodan 2, such as Sport In The Box 2 for graphics, Tempus for online statistics and entry, Superlive for streaming and many more.

Read more about them here.

We offer complete video and streaming systems for your event or facility.

We offer fixed network cameras, dome cameras or TV production cameras which means that you can produce your event in a simple and cost effective way.


Over the years we have worked with a lot of different projects and gained a broad knowledge of large scale professional productions as well as smaller hobby productions.

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Our starting blocks from Swiss Timing are already installed in many facilities today. They are available in three main versions, Omega OSB 11, Omega OSB 14 and Omega OSB12. All of these are also available with or without connection for timekeeping.

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We have several different types of training systems for swimming, including everything from digital pacing clocks to fully automatic training systems that are used with touchpads.

Read more about them here.

Timekeeping equipment

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If you are building a new swimming pool or renovating an existing one, we recommend our fixed installation. With this solution a large part of the equipment never has to be moved which minimizes the risk of damaging the equipment in transit as well as extends the lifespan of it. 

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For an older facility or if a fixed installation is not possible, a mobile solution is the perfect choice. The equipment is easy to take out and connect during the preparation for a competition. When the competition is over the equipment is removed which gives it a longer life. This is also a good choice if the equipment is meant to be used by more than one facility.

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If you don't need a complete set of equipment with score boards, our semi-automatic solution is a more simple alternative for smaller competitions. With cabling and a simple button for each lane, you do not have to use manual clocks to the same extent.


The system connects easily with USB to WinGrodan, and therefore all the results are transferred into WinGrodan automatically. This eliminates the need to manually enter the results. All our scoreboards can easily be connected to the system to enhance the experience for the visitors.

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Minimize the need for officials and increase the reliability of timekeeping with our HSV system. This system assures that all the results will be correct. This type of system is used at the largest competitions but is now also becoming more common at medium sized competitions.


High speed cameras are mounted above the finish line and record at 100 frames per second. After each heat, the operator can easily scroll to see when the swimmer hits the wall. The running time is embedded in each image and through the user-friendly interface you can easily maneuver between the cameras. The system can be mounted fixed or mobile and is always adapted to the facility.

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Fixed installation

Whether a facility is being renovated or a new one is being built our recommendation is always to use a fixed installation. Fixed installation means to fix all possible parts of the cables and equipment in the facility, such as incorporating speakers and harness modules in starting blocks or in the basement.


Fixed installation means:

  • Increased life span on the equipment

  • Reduced rigg time

  • Reduced cable tangle

  • Less risk of problems during competition

You can get a fixed installation both as double or single backup and it can of course be combined with other products.


Since you need to make some intervention in the wall of the pool in order to install the fixed solution, we recommend that you consult us some time before you build or renovate your facility. This makes it possible for us to make sure that all documents for the preparations are correct so that extra work and cost are minimized from the start.


Satisfied customer- Umeå SS

When Umeå were about to build a new swimming facility, since their existing one was getting too old, they contacted us at an early stage. Therefore we could talk to all parties involved and explain pros and cons with the different solutions without any time pressure. We were able to give drawings and specifications in an early stage which made the calculations for the project more accurate. It also simplified the process of implementing the fixed installed solution.  


Mobile solution

The mobile solution is perfect if you have two facilities, for example one indoor and one outdoor pool, and you need to move the equipment between the two. It also works perfectly if you want to upgrade or replace your existing equipment and don't want to make any intervention in the wall of the pool.

Instead of having fixed connecting points in the starting blocks there are in this case harness modules placed behind or inside the starting block. This is where the plate, starting block, and buttons are connected. Then you simply connect from starting block to starting block and finally to the Quantum in the secretary. In addition there is a mobile speaker cabling from the starting unit that is placed behind the starting blocks.


During the competition everything works exactly like a fixed timekeeping system. There are also a number of hybrid solutions between fixed and mobile where you can choose to make some cables fixed while the rest of the equipment is mobile. Contact us and we will guide you to the best solution for your user scenario.


    Semi-automatic solution

    ATU-X timekeeping system is the perfect solution for smaller competitions. The system is fully compatible with the WinGrodan software and all results are transferred automatically to it. The system is also suitable as a backup-system and is ranned parallel with the main timekeeping system Quantum or ARES.


    ATU-X equipment consists of five parts. The ATU-X timekeeping unit contains the system clock and logic. With a large backlit color display, the timekeeper gives an overview of the timekeeping status. ATU-X has an internal backup battery that provides safe operation and the system also comes with a backup printer that prints out information about the race.


    The ATU-X unit is then connected to the WinGrodan computer with an USB cable and is controlled directly from WinGrodan which means that you can easily reset the system between the races and give a green light to the start.


    Finally the system is also connected to the pool cabling which has nine inputs, one for each lane (1-8) and one for the starting input. A button is connected to each lane's input. The starting input can either be connected to a button or to an acoustic start system, for example IC Start.


    The system can also be upgraded with an 8-row numeric scoreboard. This scoreboard can be connected via cable or wireless and you can of course also use it with a videoboard.


    HSV Video system

    A HSV (High Speed Video Camera) system is required at the largest competitions.

    The system is a combined hardware and software solution for measuring finishing results with video images.


    To achieve this you have cameras that shoot 100 frames per second for high speed precision. These cameras are either fixedly mounted in the ceiling of the facility or via a truss system (it is also possible to use mobile poles on which the cameras are mounted, but we recommend fixed mounting to simplify and speed up the rigging process).

    The cameras are fully powered over PoE (Power over Ethernet) and connected to the control cabinet.

    Video and result scoreboards


    105 and 230 mm
    Numerical scoreboards 

    Our numerical scoreboards are available in two different digit sizes and as six, eight or ten lanes.


    The 105 mm scoreboard is a perfect fit if you have a smaller facility, or as a complement to a video board in a larger facility to enhance the experience even more for the audience.


    The scoreboards are constructed to be in the environment of swimming facilities, have a long life span and require minimal service. They can also be connected to our daytime clock to show time or temperature between competitions.


    Video scoreboard 2 sq.m

    Our entry-level model of video board is 2m² and ideal for smaller swimming facilities with a few lanes and 25 meter pools.


    The video screen is best mounted against a wall with an attachment at the top of the board. During a competition, the video board can show lane, placement, name, time and interim time. Besides showing the results and competition time, it can be used for advertising loops and swimming facility information.


    Video scoreboard 7 sq.m

    Our 7m² video scoreboard gives the same possibilities as the 2m² video scoreboard, but it also provides an extended usage area as its higher resolution makes it possible to display video.


    The size of this video scoreboard is optimal for a 25 meter pool but is also large enough to show results in a bigger swimming facility with a 50 meter pool.


    This video screen is best mounted hanging from the roof with electric cain motors or on a shelf during new construction.


    During a swimming competition this video scoreboard, in addition to information about lanes, placements, times, and names. It can also show live broadcasts and video of for example advertisements from sponsors.


    When not used in a competition, this board can clearly display swimming facility information and advertising loops if desired.


    Video scoreboard
    11,25 sq.m

    Our 11.25m² video scoreboard gives you the same possibilities as the one of 7m² but is slightly larger.


    Since this one has a slightly higher price per square meter than 7m² and 15m², we recommend you to choose this when you can't fit a 15m² or a 7m² becomes too small.


    This video screen is best mounted hanging from the roof with electric cain motors or on a shelf during new construction.


    During a swimming competition this video scoreboard, in addition to information about lanes, placements, times, and names, it can also show live broadcasts and video of for example advertisements from sponsors.


    When not used in a competition, this board can clearly display swimming facility information and advertising loops if desired.


    Video scoreboard
    15 sq.m

    A 15m² video scoreboard is suitable for the larger swimming facilities where you want to be able to show advertising and results as well as high resolution video. The larger screen allows you to view live video with TV graphics of results over the image.


    This video screen is best mounted hanging from the roof with electric chain motors. This board is able to show a professional graphic with both live graphics and result display during a swimming competition. We recommend this board for pools that have a higher competition status on the pool such as national championships.

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    Special solutions and larger scoreboards

    Because our scoreboards are module-based and we can deliver customized solutions in the form of video walls and signs, whether they are going to be used in competitions or for advertising.


    Contact us with your idea and we will help you to make it reality!

    Software for competition

    sport in the box_scaled_FULL_0.jpg

    Sport In The Box 2

    Sport In The Box 2 is our latest generation of graphics systems for creating video productions and managing results and graphics.


    The system is deeply integrated with WinGrodan and can handle multiple inputs and outputs. This system makes it possible to create really nice productions with minimal effort, which includes everything from advertising and information on the video board to TV production for the network and the TV sets in the arena.



    Swimify is the latest generation swimming management software used by every swimming club in Sweden, Finland and Denmark as well as quite a few other club and organizers. The software handles everything from printing lists to results and records and much more.



    Superlive is our streaming service for swimming. It consists of a PC software that is activated for the competition together with our Superlive platform where you can watch the competitions live or clips from them afterwards. The system handles and places graphics on the TV picture and you can mix between up to three camcorders.
    Tempus Open_scaled_FULL_0.png


    Tempus is a complete statistical system used by the Swedish and Finish Swimming Association. The system is adapted to the local conditions and contains all the results made over the last 20 years!


    It consists of three parts, a registration site that handles all submissions to the swimming competitions, an open page for general results from all official competitions, and a closed page where you as a coach or athlete can make statistical comparisons and evaluations.


    Live Timing

    Live Timing is our online result service that is linked to WinGrodan. There are also applications for iOS and Android. On the live timing app you can watch the Superlive broadcast, check the results in live mode and view start lists for local competitions.


    ICCMS Sinage system

    The ICCMS Sinage system is the solution if you want to maximize the use of your video board or information screens in the arena between events.


    This system can easily set up advertising campaigns via a web browser and send out information to different screens at different times or schedule certain information to be played at a certain time. Everything is easily controlled via the browser from any location.

    Video and streaming systems


    Video cameras

    We offer complete video and streaming systems for your facility, whether it is fixed network cameras, dome cameras or pro cameras for TV production.


    We have long and broad experience of both professional productions and smaller club championship productions. All systems are customized to the application area and installation. 

    Swimming starting blocks


    OSB 12

    Swiss Timing OSB 12 Starting block lid can be mounted on most existing starter blocks. It comes with "trackstartstöd" and with or without electronics.


    OSB 14

    Swiss Timing OSB 14 is made entirely out of fiberglass. It can fit on a pool edge that is only 350 mm wide and is equipped with "trackstartstöd". It comes with or without electronics that measure shift times and reaction times. This product is available in a variety of colors.


    OSB 11

    Swiss Timing OSB 11 is made entirely out of fiberglass. It comes with "trackstartstöd" and with or without electronics that measure shift times and reaction times. This product is available in a variety of colors.


    Training equipments


    Vitrual Swim Trainer

    Virtual Swim Trainer is a system designed for practicing swimming. The system handles up to 12 swimmers each with an individual color and pacetime. This product is available for both 50 and 25 m long pools and can connect up to eight lanes per control unit.
    2019-03-19 09_39_21-Window_0_0.png

    ICCMS Training system

    ICCMS Training system connects to touch pads and gives the swimmer the opportunity to train individually and get accurate times. It also enables the swimmers to practice relays since you can connect both the starting block and the touch pad to the system.

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