Horse racing

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Systems for horse racing

Kort beskrivning

We have a complete range of photo finish cameras for throttle and gallop racing tracks as well as a headstart system. Our systems are used in most Scandinavian facilities and we have been the number one choice for many years now.

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Our boards are available with software such as disqualification boards, time, and larger screens for viewing live video.

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PhotoFinish system


Scan O'Vision Myria

The latest generation of target camera from Swiss Timing, SCAN O'VISION Myria can capture up to 10 000 frames per second and is the perfect electric time system for equestrian sports. The sensitive sensor in the camera combined with the built-in optics gives a razor sharp image of the race. Thanks to these factors, the camera is able to deliver good images even in poor lighting conditions. 


The camera is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) and is very easy to set on the finish line with help of Video Matrix. It is available with two optics depending on installation location and MYRIA PRO or MYRIA, which you choose from based on the number of frames per second desired.

Video & scoreboards


Video and scoreboards

Our video screens are LED module based and can be built in any size. We have delivered 100 square meters large screens which are visible throughout the entire arena and also smaller solutions that are placed inside the track. Contact us for more information and consultation.

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