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ICC Media: Feature 6 Images
We can offer a complete package that is suitible for both the small club as well as the big Arena. The systems are selected both due to their reliability as well as our service and knowledge of them. Then can be seen both in the Olympics and Dimond leuge as well as on small club events.

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Antelope is our latest generation of meetmanagement for Athletics. It is a Windowsbased software and is the base for our athletic Eco system.
The system handle both small and big competitions and you can attach everything you need to it. It will help you control everything from TV production Graphics to printouts, seeding and live results.

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ASC3 is the latest false start system for athletics and is also the one used in the Olympics as well as DimondLeuge. It has a speaker connected to the block and measure not with only an accelerometer wich gives it top reability and minimize possible false detections.

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We can offer a complete range of Video/LED scoreboard and vidowalls for your facility. Our solution is module based and can be made any size.

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Wit the help of Antelope Sport In The Box 2 can create complete broadcast graphics and is an optimal system to stream your event or control your Videoboard.

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Our athletic training systems are selected by both facilities and universities to maximize trainging effects and measure with presision.

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"ICC Media & Sport is our partner for competition technology at Sätra Athletic stadium.
They are often on site with interesting technical solutions at events for youth games or at champion and gala competitions.

The Team from ICC alwyas make a great job!"
Björn Sven, Verksamhetschef 08Fri

Photofinish and timer systems


Scan O'Vision Myria

the latest generation of target camera from Swiss Timing, SCAN O'VISION Myria can capture up to 10,000 frames per second and is the perfect electric time system for equestrian sports. The sensitive sensor in the camera combined with the built-in optics gives a razor sharp image of the race. Thanks to these factors, the camera is able to deliver good images even in poor light condition. 
The camera is powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) and is very easy to set on the finish line with help of Video Matrix. Available with two optics depending on installation location and MYRIA PRO or MYRIA, depending on the number of frames per second desired.
2019-03-18 08_16_51-Start_2_0.png

ATU-X timer

ATU-X is a timer for athletics and adapted to manage running and prelimenary time. The system can be equiped with wireless photocells and scoreboards. With its LCD display and controlbox it is easy to control. The system can also be attached via USB cable to Antelope as well as Sport In The Box 2 for broadcast graphics running and splitt times.

IC Start

IC Start is our Elactronical start system. It has a built in battery that will last a days competition as well as 6,5" speaker to give out commands as well as start sound. Together with external speakers it becomes a complete electornic startystem.
It has two separate start outputs and can detect ready signal from them to prevent a start before the operator is ready. IC-E Pistol vibrates as an indication when the camera operator is set to ready for next race. The system is also compatible with outer timing systems such as Finish Lynx.

Ultrasonic wind gauge

Our Wind guage is without moveble parts and connected directly to the photofinish camera or our displays.
When in use for in feild events it is controled via a scoreboard and a wireless remote. Check out our scoreboards for more information.  Easy and practical for optimal results.

Antelope meet management



Antelope is our latest system for meet management for Athletics. It handles both the small club competition as well as the big broadcasted championship or gala event. The software simplify everything from seeding to print/export lists.

Several photofinish systems are integrated to get times in atomatically and that way minimize manual typing errors.

The system is built with the latest network technology so you can attach multiple clients and computers without the need to know any high level technical skills or IP adress issues.

It is also possible to have liveresults that follow your event in realtime. You can edit the results both via the desktop client or from your phone.

The software has been in use in several high and low level events ranging from swedish Championships to small club events.

False start systems


ASC3 False start system

ASC3 is an complete electronical start and false start system.
Wth built in speakers in the blocks and continious measurments in the blocks that not only sample movment but pressur the quality is ensured. The system draws a graph for each block on the control screen and handles up to ten blocks per control cabinet. The system is easy to move between the starting posistion and since speakers are mounted directly on the blocks it ensures the quickest possible starts and races.

Video- and scoreboards


LED Video Scoreboards

We are expert on LED screens for sport and have several good references.

They can be hung, built on wall or as on the picture from IFU arena built on a shelf. Our videowalls for athletics are always adapted for the arena.

The screens are always complete with installaton and control system and are of highest quality.
They are always CE and EMC approved something several suppliers skipp to lower price and quality.

It is possible to get them with up to five years warranty on site.

Infeild result display

Our infeild displays are availble in both indoor as well as outdoor versions. They have been used for both big competitions as well as Swedish and nordic Championships and on smaller events in fix installations. They are connected to Antelop meet managemnet directly or Sport In The Box 2 for more advance control.

In it's most basic form they can be ons sided fix on wall but it also possible to get them as triangles on wheels.

They can be used for either running events getting data from ATU-X timer and Antelpe or technical events.
Between the events they can show logos,advertisment or daytime.

They are exactly as all our other boards EMC and CE branded to ensure highes quality.

Digital distance indicator

The digital distance indigator was an idea that we projected to the Malmö Games gala event back in 2015. 

It replaces the traditional distance indicator and can be one or double sided. It is both used as scoreboard as well as distance indicator. It can also show current leader and much more.

It is availeble in both indoor and outdoor versions and as single or double sided.

In the control software you can set the distance to the plank so you do not need to change it between classes or events.

Connected to Antelope over network for data and result information.

It is as all our boards EMC and CE branded for highest quality.

Numerical Scoreboards

Our numerical scoreboards are the most basic version of display we can supply. They are availbele in two up to 18 digits and can be combined for a bigger multirow scoreboard.
They can be used as runningtime scoreboard, concentration clock or in feild results. As concentration clocks we offer a three digit version with wireless remote and a tripod. All boards are supplied with powerfull Red LEDs and equiped with a brightness ensors that ensures maximum contrast at all possible times.

Wind- and lap counterdisplay

IC Triangle is a display that can be used either as windmeasurment display, concentration clock or as a lapcounter.
Together with its three sided design and big 230 mm digits it is clearly visible across the arena.
With the ICC remote it is possible to manually start windmeasurment or change laps. It is also possible to connect it direcly and slave it to a Photofinish camera. As lap counter a brass clock is standard.

Graphic and streaming systems


ICCMS Sinage

ICCMS is a solution to maximize the usage of your LED videoboard or info screen in the arena between events.
Here you can eaisily via the web control and schedule advertisment campaigns and information.
sport in the box_scaled_FULL_0.jpg

Sport In The Box 2

Sport In The Box 2 is the latest in our generations of Graphic and LED videoboard control systems.
For athletics you can together with Antelope create complete broadcast as well as Scoreboard/Videowall graphics. 

Training systems for athletics

2019-03-19 09_39_21-Window_0_0.png

Sprint system

Vårt training systems for Sprints are availeble in diffrent levels. Ranging from numerical board with two measurment points to multi point measurment with touch screen control cabinets where you can e-mail your training session to your coach directly after your session.

For all systems the concept are that you should be able to use it your selfe in an easy way and that they are adpated on the installation spot to minimize and hopfully eliminate setup time.

Contact us for diffrent levels and an offer for your arena.
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Basic timekeeping

Our basic timkeeping system is a perfec tool for an trainer or active to measur your progress.
The system is based on a smaller scoreboard with 105 mm high digits and a wireless remote. You can use it for pacing, countdown or togehter with our wirless photocells for running events.

The system is deliverd with a waterproof storage and transportation case so it is easy to bring out to your traing session wherever it is.
2019-03-19 12_12_55-iCool Sport_0.png


The icooler is a prefered market leading solution to cool down after practice. This to reduce inflamation and speed up recovery. There are several diffrent version and levels from fix installations. Check out more on the Icooler website www.icoolsport.com or contact us for more information. 

Speed Agility Trainer

Speed agility trainer is a smart system from Italian Indicotech where you can with the help of a LED stripe train up your exposivitiy.
Contact us for more infromation or a demo and check out their website: http://www.indicotech.com/it/speed-agility-trainer/

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