Some of the clubs using Sport In The Box in their Home Arena:
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What is Sport In The Box?

Sport In The Box is a powerful production and playout system that allows the user to create engaging live content and output it to videoboards, in-house tv systems and streaming.


It handles playout of stored images and videos, live video inputs, replays and graphics for both full screen scoreboards and overlays for TV.


With great flexibility Sport In The Box can output almost any format and resolution to adapt with custom video screens, making it the ideal solution for both smaller clubs and larger arenas.


Sport In The Box can have multiple live video inputs with SDI, HDMI or NDI and the output windows can be placed in any size and position on the desktop to adapt to the LED-screens used, taking away the need for a video scaler.


Sport In The Box supports several different sports and has one panel that changes for each sport depending on what is selected to suit your special needs.

For team sports such as football, ice Hockey, handball and several others, there is a team interface where you can select logo, team colors, player number, pictures etc.

Together with live data from a console or the internal game clock the system can show player presentations, penalties, team setups and alot more from the push of a button.

Sport In The Box supports several different types of sports such as: handball, basketball, futsal, floorball, fotball, American football, Australian football, rugby, netball, ice hockey, tennis, figure skating, waterpolo, swimming and several more.

Team sports

Sport In The Box 2 helps us to create a better and stronger experience during their visits on our events.

Sport In The Box comes with different graphics templates depending on the sport. Overlays for use on video and fullscreen versions for scoreboards. Templates can be customized with the users choice of colors.Custom graphics can be implemented upon request.

To the right is an example of a standard template for basketball.


Sport In The Box has a team interface where teams are managed and saved. Each team with name, logo and player lineup with names, numbers, pictures and positions can be entered. Together with the live data from a connected match controller, Sport In The Box can display scoreboards, player presentations, team lineup and penalties by the click of a single button.

Select between the two versions depending on your needs:
Examples on standard graphics for Sport in The Box:
Results overlay - handball
Results overlay - tennis
Player presentation scoreboard - football
Player presentation overlay - hockey
Sport In The Box can have multiple screen controllers
that render different content at the same time. This can
be used to control multiple screens, or used to divide
one screen into separate parts. In the example, a football
video board has been divided into 3 parts, one part for
live video in 16:9 format, one banner for advertising
and finally one part with a custom scoreboard template.
Together with combined output layouts, it is possible to
make animated switches between different layouts, for
example bringing the live video to fullscreen.
This flexibility makes Sport In The Box the perfect playout
system for any video board.
In case of more demanding installations, with more then one output, the SITB2 Server is the solution.
When in use with only one output a SITB2 Laptop is the optimal option.



Sport In The Box can interface directly to the Quantum timer over serial to receive timing data with swimmer names, clubs etc. The generated graphics can then either be controlled using the interface in Sport In The Box manually or be slaved to run directly from the quantum interface.


To expand Sport In The Box abilities with graphics it can also be connected to the data handling software over the network. Current support includes Hytek, Splash and WinGrodan data handling softwares.

Interface for Sport In The Box Swimming
Two diffrent versions to suit your needs
Examples on standard Graphics:
Resultlist overlay - swimming
Runningtime overlay - swimming
Scoreboard - fullscreen
Scoreboard - podium
Name presentation overlay - swimming
Name presentation scoreboard - swimming
Sitb_Special Cases_scaled_HALF_0.png
Custom graphics on a 25x3m LED Videowall during Stockholm Swim Open 2019.

What to expect from Sport In The Box?

Sport In The Box is as already mentioned a powerful system. But what can you as a user expect from it?


A complete solution

Sport In The Box 2 is always shipped as a system where we on ICCMS help you to get a complete solution opted after your needs.



Simplify your arena or produktion and have everything in one system with one operator. With Sport In The Box you can control the entire arena with the push of a button!


A smart system

Through smart and innovative solutions you as a user can customize the look of graphics, drag and drop new content or create replays, also during gameplay.



With the help of pre-programmed graphic templates made by professionals you get a nice output no matter if it is a produktion to a LED screen made from a parent or a TV broadcast.


A perfect solution for all types of sport facilities and arenas

The system is developed to be used in both the biggest arenas with banners, inhouse TV systems and the small multisport center with a videboard or a videostream for youth and leisure sport.

Sport In The Box tutorials

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