Diving system

Our MTE judging panels are plugged in to DiveCalc or DiveRecorder for automatic transmission of the results.

The software then draws the graphic or connects to Sport In The Box 2 wich draws the graphics on the video display and video stream.

Video displays for diving


Video displays for diving

Our video displays for Diving are of our specially designed version that is adapted to the swimming pool enviroment. See more information about the diffrent standard sizes in the product sheet or under swimming.
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Sport In The Box 2

Sport In The Box 2 is our latest generation of graphics systems for creating video productions and managin results and graphics.

The system can be used for multiple sports and also for DiveCalc or DiveRecorder.
With this system it is possible to make a really nice production with minimal effort.

That means everything from advertising and information on the video board to TV production for the network and the TV sets in the arena.

ICCMS Sinage system

The ICCMS Sinage system is the solution for maximazing the use of your video display or information screens in the arena between events.
Here you can easily set up advertising campaigns via a web browser and send out information to diffrent screens at diffrent times or schedule certain information to be played at a certain time.
Everything is easily controlled via the browser from any location.

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