Equestrian show jumping

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Systems for equestrian show jumping

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The ATU-X system is the latest time keeping system for horse jumping. The system has built-in wireless comunication to the photocells it can also control boards via cable or wireless.

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We have a complete selection of both video and results screens for equestrian sports. Everything from the samll numerical scoreboards to the big video/LED walls.

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Timekeeping System


ATU-X Equestrian

ATU-X Eqeustrian is our latest system for horse jumping.
The ATU-X unit is the heart and time base that is easily connected via USB cable to the Equipe computer and then controlled directly through the Equipe interface.

It is possible to see everything from the battery status of the cells and change wich cell is for wich passage.
ATU-X together with our P1-R FEI, is approved for competitions at the highest level, but is also used for small club competitions.

P1-R photocell

Our photocell P1-R is the latest iteration of wireless photocells from us. The latest version has a knob for adjusting the strength of the line wich simplifies the adjustment to the reflector and allows for increased distance between the cell and the reflector. With the latest generation 868 MHz radio chip, the photocell handles over a kilometer distance between the ATU-X and the photocell and it offers and optimized battery consumption wich gives over 24h battery life.

Videoboards & Scoreboards


Video boards for equestrian

We are experts on screens for sports and have good refrences. 

They can be hung, built on the wall or as in the picture be mobile in form of a trailer or casas. Our boards are always adapted to the arena or the club's possibilities and conditions.

The smallest board is two square meter and can show names, obstacle errors, placements and countdown to the next class and advertising logos. The larger boards also handle live video and result list.

The screens come complete with installation and out Sport In The Box 2 control system and are of the highest quality. They are always EMC  and CE marked something many of our competitiors cheat with.

They are available with up to 5 years warranty.

Numerical Scoreboards

A numerical scoreboard is the entry model and is a requirement for holding a national competition. The usual one for jumping is two rows that shows the carriage number, time, obstacle error and total time.
It is mounted indoors or outdoors and adjusts the brightness using a light sensor for optimal contrast regardless of ambient light.
Also available with wireless upgrade so it communicates wirelessly to ATU-X.

Sport In The Box 2

We also offer complete graphics and streaming systems for Equipe. 
These are based on our graphic engine Sport In The Box 2 and can be used for everything from controlling your video board or TV in the café, to your stream out on the web.

Flexible buttons handle everything from advertising to replays in the system.

They system is adapted to your needs with the number of inputs for cameras and outputs and can be obtained as a simple solution with a powerful laptop or a full-size solution with a mobile rack and powerful 19" pc.

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