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Complete solution or single product -  we got all technical gear you need

We are spezialized at deliver technical solutions to your arena.
Everything ranging from LED Video scoreboards that we source to Graphical control systems. We have several referenses from the small local arena to the big international ones. Contact us to get mor information.

    Sport control system

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    Sport In The Box 2

    Sport in the box 2 is our latest graphic- and sport-system used to create immense productinos for your LED wall or broadcast production. The playout system let you create dynamical content with everything from graphics, mixing videocameras to playing comercials.

    We have long experience with this type of systems and with Sport In The Box 2 we have manage to create a solution that is suited for both small arenas and big ones.
    In the small ones where parents want to display clublogo, sponsors and maybe a player presenataion. In the bigger installations the demands and functionallity is completly diffrent with professional technichians wanting to maximise the usage of the screens and create shows for the public with linked content and comercials.

    Use the system as stand alone with the built in game clock module or connect it to your existing clock system, all possibilities are there.

    LED Videoboards and cubes


    LED Videoboard

    Our LED Video display for multisport facilities are specificly made to endure the enviroment. The standard version for are 500x500 or 500x1000 mm cabinetts that can be combined in multiple ways. The displays can be deliverd as fix installation on a wall or hanging/stacking solutions. All installations are adapted to suit you and your arenas needs.

    Video cube

    Videocubes or Jumbotron as some say can be deliverd in several diffrent versions. All from the basic 4 sided one with straight corners, to round or oval shapes. We have long experience, contact us with your idea and we will help you realize it!

    Facia and Banners

    Are you considering a Facia, ring or banner? Contact us with your project and we will help out planning and realizing it.

    Numerical Scoreboards


    Saturn multisport console

    We always recomend the Saturn multisport console as our first choise for ice hockey. With its big LCD screen it is easy to navigate and follow the game both for parents and advance users. With its proven stability and usage from various world cup tournaments and big arenas we can ensure it is a reliable system with highes quality.

    Saturn 961

    If you need a basic numerical scoreboard as a compliment to your videoboard or stand alone the Saturn 901 is the perfect choice. Robust and built for the moistiy enviroment with big digits (30 cm for result and time) it is viseble over the whole arena. 
    Size: 2300x1050x90 (mm) Weight: 40 kilos

    Saturn 912

    If you wish to also show penalties you can select the Saturn 912, the penaltie modules can be mounted at the side or beneth the main clock part to suite the installation. The digit height on penalties are 20 cm.
    Size: 4600x1050x90 (mm) or 2300x2100x90 (mm)

    Saturn 913

    Saturn 913 is similar to the 912 but with three penalties for each team.

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